Color-Space(Beijing)Science & Technology Limited Company creates the highest accuracy color calibration system(Photo Meter-1)especially for LED screen company. Using the system can improve LED screen both color and bright uniformity pixel by pixel. The system include 16bit scientific cooling CCD camera which pixel resolution reaches 3300x2500. Color-Space Company focuses on photometric measurement instrumentation, image recognition, LED screen application software design. The Company's aim is to produce, deliver and maintain the world's most precise LED screen measurement and calibration system.  


Company Introduction

  • Summary  3D image analysis software visually checks the brightness distribution of light source surfae
  • Summary  LED position is automatic identified by image recognition software. Histogram shows brightness distribution.
  • Summary  LED color distribution is showed by CIE1931 (x, y) color space, true color calibration target is set visually.

  • Fully automatic zone by zone shooting with turns of 9 shots/zone over the whole subject screen, 
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