The China International Optoelectronic Expositon(China Light Fair CIOE) was founded in 1999,which is the world's largest photovoltaic exhibition as well as the International Exhibition Union(UFI) members.China 2013 International Optoelectronic Exposition will take place on September 4 to 7 in Shenzhen,with a total exhibition area of 100000M2.There are about 3,200 famous domestic and foreign photoelectric enterprises and show the latest products and technology.


Color-Space(Beijing) Technology Co.Ltd. will demonstrate several times for color calibration software so as to show the users the exact measurements and precise brightness with chromaticity uniiformity clibration,pixel-by-pixel color measurement powerful image recogintion and distribution of 3D image analysis make it possible to create a high quality screen display and unprecedented visual shock effect.Color Space sincerely hope that we can communicate wih each other through the platform and collide the sparks of wisdom and inpiration so that work together to promote the development of Chinese LED display industry, welcome to visit our booth!